Band Wagon

Bandwagon-Instrument Library / Instrument Donation

 The idea is a simple one:

– Gather unused musical instruments from generous donors
– Refurbish and repair them as needed
– Distribute the instruments  to eager, young musicians from economically challenged families

This is a year-round, on-going program administered by Dstreet.

Would you like to donate an instrument? or Do you know of a deserving child?  Contact us for more information.

Dstreet Music Foundation collects, repairs, and distributes musical instruments.  The intent of the program is to make these instruments available to families who are having serious financial strain.

As part of the application process, we request that the student or parent/guardian write a summary on a separate piece of paper outlining the following information:

– What music program the student is already in or will be participating in
– Name of the band teacher
– What music means to the student and the family
– Why the student chose the particular instrument The application will be reviewed by the Dstreet Board of Directors.
Applicants will be notified when their information is processed.

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