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D Street Music Foundation and the Parkapalooza Event

Parkapalooza is one of the main pillars of the D Street Mission statement:

  • Improve the general quality of life in a community by providing low or no cost concerts.

Parkapalooza has been taking place for over 17 years around various locations in Mid-Michigan.  We have held events in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Freeland, and more.  Some things of note:

  1. All musicians donate their time and perform at no charge to further this mission
  2. Sponsorships are one of the main revenue sources to offset the cost of facilities and such.
  3. All D Street board members work to put these events together purely as a donation of their time and energy.

Past Parkapalooza Events

Parkapalooza Freeland, 2022
Parkapalooza Freeland, 2019
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